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The world was bright, that’s what I thought at first. I couldn’t see, I could barely remember to breathe due to the shock. It had usually been dark or kind of dim when we’d opened the door before, but always hot, almost enough to raise parts of our skin in small circles that were painful to touch. They burst open after a while and oozed some sickening stuff that smelled awful and tasted worse, but they healed thankfully. This time though, there was still some warmth, but it wasn’t enough to make us run and hide again. We’d only had to push the heavy door open, the others had left it unlocked, since you couldn’t lock it from the outside. Somehow though, I don’t think they would have wanted to anyway.

Nuh-uh and I didn’t catch up to the others until it was nearly nightfall, and it was good that we did since the others hadn’t thought to bring enough supplies to last them. Nuh-uh and I had brought along some extra food and stuff that was used to help people when they’re injured. Gonna, one of the other women in our group, had run afoul of a creature with big teeth sharp enough to pierce her hand we’d discovered, and had been bleeding through a strip of cloth that had been torn from her own shirt. Since the three of them had only packed light, they didn’t have any proper stuff to help when they were hurt. After removing the cloth, Nuh-uh and I saw that her hand was twitching, and that there were four gaping red wounds that had been punched into the back and pads of her hand. Even touching them hurt her, but thankfully Gonna sat still while Nuh-uh pushed the sharp little stick, a needle, that’s what it’s called, and thread through the wounds to close them.

When she was done we asked them why they’d taken off, and Sure-Sure, the other girl, said that she’d heard something, or someone, calling from outside. I said that was stupid, no one could hear anything through that thick door. But she’d kept on saying it, finally admitting that she’d heard it in a dream. I don’t really believe in dreams, they’re never real when you wake up, and after a while we forget them anyway. I’ve had dreams that I can just barely remember, but I don’t think they’re ever going to come true, especially since the woman I see in them is….

Well, I don’t want to talk about that. I’d rather just say I forgot and move on. The others can keep their dreams, I don’t need mine. I just need to stay alive, and apart from Nuh-uh, who’s out there somewhere now, I’m still here.

Oh, you probably want to know why we’re the last two now. Okay, here’s the story….

(to be continued)

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