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Angie was sitting at home, enjoying her day off despite the misgivings she had about lying to everyone. The cuts in her face were suspicious, the doctor had said, and they looked self-inflicted. She’d insisted that it was a freak accident, that her friend and boss Tiffani could corroborate her story and would agree that it was just a freak accident that had occurred. She’d been worried for Tiffani all day, especially after finding out what had happened to Becky and Katie. Her husband and her boys had made it clear that they were there to help her out, and she appreciated it truly. But somehow she couldn’t help but worry.

It was only when a breaking newscast came on that she felt her blood run cold. This feeling wasn’t helped when she saw who it was that was in the headline as Tiffani’s picture was shown on camera. She felt herself go numb again as the mention of a ‘secret tryst’ beneath the boardwalk was mentioned, along with ‘secrets’, and ‘revealing photographs’. But what made her truly glad that her husband and sons were currently outside doing something fun came when she saw the woman that had started this whole affair, her face a sobbing mask of grief as the reporter described just what had happened according to Casey, and how she had defended herself from the knife-wielding and obviously mentally distraught woman, Tiffani, that had come at her after being found with the bodies of two nameless drifters that she’d apparently been intimate with.

“No…” Angie stated, her voice trailing off as she heard that Grady couldn’t be reached for comment at that time. It was likely that he had no idea what to say, or what to even think.

“You bitch,” she whispered, “You disgusting, whoring, bitch!”

The newscast was cut off as someone hit the OFF button, though as Angie felt someone’s arm encircle her waist she suddenly realized that she’d been about ready to throw something heavy at the TV, the mug she’d been sipping from as she looked to her right hand. Even as she looked back to the TV her husband and sons were trying to subdue her again, but as she watched, the monitor came back on, this time dominated by Casey’s smug, smiling face. The woman’s lips turned up in a vicious grin as she wrinkled her nose in delight. Angie was screaming now, but she could still hear the words that drilled directly into her conscious mind.

“Don’t worry Angie. You’re next.”

The End

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