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Her traitorous body didn’t stop until she and Casey were well under the boardwalk, screened from sight by supports, a small hillock, and plenty of dune grass that blocked any easy line of sight from the condos that sat in the near distance only a few hundred yards away, or even the path that ran parallel to the boardwalk just ten feet away. She could likely scream for help, but as of yet she hadn’t tried.

“Here is good,” Casey said with way too much exuberance in her voice for Tiffani’s liking.

“Good for what?” she asked. To her surprise Tiffani had to drag each word out of her mouth.

“I’m sure it’s not a surprise to hear ‘you’ll see’,” Casey said with a grin, “Fellas? You can come out now.”

As though summoned by her voice alone two men suddenly made their way around the dune that had accumulated under the boardwalk, wrapping around just enough to hide this site from the view of anyone. The two men were dirty, disheveled, and looked as though they’d been sleeping outside for the better part of a month. Plus they reeked of something that Tiffani couldn’t help but think was their own excrement and some other vile concoction.

“Now strip,” Casey said to her.


“You heard me,” Casey repeated, as she started to take off her own clothing. It wasn’t the nicest of days but at least it wasn’t raining. Yet still, Tiffani had no intention of taking off her clothing for anyone, as she had a bad idea of where this was about to go. The call of a gull in the distance reminded her that this was real, it was happening, and as her hands and fingers began to work against her, pulling the clothing from her body, Tiffani watched in horror as each article fell to the ground from her nerveless fingers.

“Ooh yeah, look at that body will you boys? You think she’s ready for this?”

“I am,” said one of the men in a gruff, panting voice. The other man didn’t speak, but his leering gaze spoke volumes as Tiffani found herself wanting to cry. As Casey began to tell her what to do, Tiffani couldn’t resist, no matter how much she tried. As the woman moaned and groaned she even felt her body reacting as the men touched her, grabbed her, and treated her to every depredation possible as she couldn’t help the fact that her body was reacting so favorably to all of it, the arousal sickening her in such a way that she wished she could vomit all over the disgusting trio. But nothing came, and despite her revulsion she felt her arms wrap around each one of them in turn, her fingers grasping at hair, at backs, at anything that she could hold onto as their crazed gyrations spurred her on further even as their own passions continued to rise. Through it all she dimly heard one click after another, though her pained and agonized sensibilities didn’t register just what it was until it was too late.

At one point she realized it was over as the men, both spent, lay to either side of her, fully-clothed once again and snoring peacefully, one of them with a smile on his face that made her want to….to…to what?

“Use them,” Casey said from behind her. Tiffani had no idea what she was talking about, but as she half-turned towards the woman she noted that in each hand she was holding a large butcher knife, the steel gleaming as though in anticipation of the violence to come.

“They hurt you,” Casey said, her voice low and enticing, “They used you, they humiliated you, and they took pictures,” Casey waved a smartphone in her right, grinning as she never took her eyes from Tiffani, “End them.”

It was as though a flood had erupted within her as Tiffani turned and thrust the blades into each body, one after the other, stabbing anywhere and everywhere, delivering deadly blows to their chests, their stomachs, their crotches, their throats, until they ceased moving and lay there, pain etched across their features as their crimson fluids. Turning around again she was taken by surprise as what felt like a series of hard, swift punches hit her torso in rapid succession as she dimly heard “No! No stay away from me!” Somehow the shots had come before the shouting, but as the ground rose to meet Tiffani’s surprised gaze all she could think of was how cold it had suddenly become.

(to be concluded)

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