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“Is there anything I can say, or do, that will get you to leave us alone?”

Casey’s grin was that of a predator, minus the sharp teeth, “You know, Becky and Katie asked the same thing. You saw my answer on the screen, right?”

Tiffani blanched, “You did that?”

“The physical part? No, no I didn’t. But you’d be amazed how little convincing some people need to act out their darkest desires. For instance, if I really wanted to humiliate you, I’d drop my pants and tell you to bury your nose in an area that even your sons don’t know you enjoy.”

“Stop it,” Tiffani breathed, “Stop your vile, disgusting talk. Angie and I did something horrible to you, and it’s obvious we can’t pay it back. But just stop.”

“Why?” Casey asked with a big smile, brushing an errant lock of dark brown hair from her face as the winds whipped around them. There were very few people on the boardwalk Tiffani noted, and none of the few that had passed by them had even looked in their direction. Why would they? People tended to mind their own business on the peninsula unless they saw someone they knew.

“Are you afraid for your sons to know your sexual proclivities? Because you’re a good little Christian and don’t want your reputation in this town tarnished? I know a bit more about you than you think, Tiff. I know what you and your man get up to in the bedroom. I know that your eldest son is thinking of what it would be like to be with a young man his age, but he’s scared to death to tell his mother for fear of what she would think. I know your younger son is worried about whether a young woman he had sex with at school will rat him out.”


Casey chuckled, “I have my methods. But for right now, I think you and I need to take a visit to the underside of the boardwalk in order to continue our little ‘talk’. I have a couple of associates down there that would love to make your acquaintance.”

“No,” Tiffani said, hearing her voice tremble. “You can’t make me, and I will not be intimidated.”

“Oh, I’m afraid you’re wrong on all counts,” Casey laughed, “Now get to walking.”

To her horror, Tiffani felt as her body turned, and her feet did just that.

(to be continued)

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