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None of the cuts that Angie had to explain to her husband were that deep, but trying to convince him that she’d tripped and fallen, breaking her coffee cup and cutting herself up as she had, was more difficult than the conversation that had come after. Angie hadn’t even remembered what was going on save the pain, telling Tiffani that it had felt as though she’d been slammed away in a dark hole. She recalled the sensation of her skin tearing, and had even felt her arm rise each time she had been forced to cut herself.

After a trip to the local doctor to ensure that the cuts weren’t deep enough to need stitches, Tiffani had watched Angie being taken home by her husband. She’d given Angie the day off without question and had called in another of her employees to cover the bar. In the meantime she was thinking of how to deal with Casey with every available second, realizing that she had no more of an idea at this time than she had earlier this morning. Currently standing on the boardwalk that traversed the coastline, or at least a quarter mile of it, she took a deep breath of the salt air as she gazed out upon the horizon, trying to let her mind go blank at that moment as she closed her eyes.

She had no idea how long she’d been standing there when the one voice she hadn’t wanted to hear slid into her ears like pure poison, causing her bile to rise as she opened her eyes. Tiffani didn’t know whether to be angry, fearful, or simply wary of the woman that stood next to her now, only an arm’s length away. Part of her would have loved to knock Casey over the railing and on to the asphalt footpath below, but somehow figured that she might fail at that just as she’d failed to protect her friend.

“Rough day huh?” Casey asked, the grin on her lips easily felt as Tiffani had to fight down a wave of revulsion.

“Why are you doing this Casey? I know why you said you’re doing it. But after all this time, isn’t there a way we can work this out?”

Casey scoffed lightly, “Oh, sure there is. You can let me seduce Grady in front of your sons, maybe perform a striptease for him and even dress up as a young schoolgirl for his pleasure. Or I can always convince a couple of actual schoolgirls to do the job, I hear there might be a few morally questionable young ladies among the bunch. Would you mind if I let them slide their way up and down your husband’s-“

“Enough,” Tiffani spat, “If you want your revenge on me and Angie you take it. You’re right, we were stupid little bitches that did something foolish,” she turned to face Casey fully, “But I will not allow my family to pay for my sins.”

“Why not?” Casey said with an evil smile, turning to face Tiffani, “Mine paid for what you did, so it’s only fair.”

(to be continued)

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