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Tiffani felt a tear roll down her cheek as she clicked the ON button, finding it easy to hate Casey with every fiber of her being in that moment. The first channel she came to was a news channel, and though there was no possible way it could have just picked up on the story, the newscaster could be hear throughout the room

“Two women were reportedly brutalized and left for dead today near Esther Short Park,” The news went on, but Tiffany was already tuning it out as she turned to Casey, who was no longer grinning but instead glaring at her with chin lowered as her eyes blazed once again.

“What did you do?” Tiffani whispered, “What in God’s name did-“

“God has nothing to do with this,” Casey snapped, “And He’s certainly not going to be helping you two out.” Behind her, Angie screamed again, but this time the tail end of it came out sounding like a sick, demented giggle.

“We’re sorry Casey,” Tiffani almost sobbed, keeping her gaze from the TV as she heard “-were both raped repeatedly-” in the background, “We’re so sorry. We were stupid, evil little bitches….” Wait, had she meant to say that? It had laid so easily across her tongue, and yet Tiffani was certain that she hadn’t meant to say such a thing.

“You were evil little bitches,” Casey said calmly, “And for that you should be skinned alive. But that’s too messy, and death is too quick. So you’re going to find out what it’s like to live with the shame, and you’re going to find out what hell really is. Get ready bitches, this was just the warmup.”

Casey turned around to leave, sauntering away like a cat that knows the mice weren’t going anywhere. Sadly, Tiffani felt that she was right.

(to be continued)

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