“She’s right,” Angie said with a vicious grin on her face, “I don’t work for you here bitch. Turn on your own goddamned TV, and do it quick.”

“What? What do you mean?” Were Angie’s eyes glowing red? What was going on? How had one of her best friends suddenly turned on her? Was this a setup of some sort? Had Angie even found something on her lawn this morning? Even as these questions and several others were running through her head though, Tiffani watched in horror as Angie lifted her coffee mug, a heavy piece that Grady had given Tiffani as a birthday gift, and brought it down as hard as she could on the tabletop, smashing it to pieces and gouging a small chunk out of the wooden surface.

“Watch closely Tiff,” Angie said, her voice as cruel as she’d ever sounded. Holding the jagged remnants of the cup tightly in her fist, which was dripping the mixture of coffee, whiskey, and creamer, Angie brought it closer and closer to her face, until a single jagged edge was resting upon her skin. Then she pulled up quickly, and Tiffani could swear that she would hear the sound of tearing flesh to the end of her days. Angie’s scream was even worse though as she howled in agony, despite the fact that her eyes never left Tiffani’s, and never lost that strange spark of red within their depths.

“I’d advise turning on the TV,” Casey said calmly from the doorway, “Or poor Angie might not have much of a face left by the time you hit the ON button.”

As though to make that point clear, Angie’s hand rose again, and once more the jagged edge of the cup found soft flesh as it dug in and the woman screamed again, an unearthly wail that tore at Tiffani’s heart as she turned to glance at her friend, sobbing openly as she saw the damage that had been done. A two-inch gash had been opened next to Angie’s mouth, while another had been opened just beneath her right eye.

“Whatever you’re doing,” she croaked, turning to Casey, “stop it, please. I’ll turn on the TV, just-“

Angie screamed again as the sound of ripping flesh squelched into her ears, followed by another ear-rending scream as Angie was now bleeding from a cut delivered directly next to her right ear.

“Let her go!” Tiffani yelled, turning back to Casey, “Dammit let her go!”

“Turn on the TV, and I will,” Casey said with a big, friendly grin.

Behind her, Angie screamed again.

(to be continued)

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