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The next day Tiffani found herself staring at a strange sight on her front lawn. A pair of scorch marks that were located just a few feet from the gravel path had darkened the grass, looking eerily like footprints. Standing on her front porch, looking at the strange marks, she didn’t even hear her husband, Grady, come up behind her as he wrapped his arms around her, making Tiffani jump slightly as she nearly spilled her coffee.

“Woah,” Grady chuckled, “You okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Look at that,” Tiffani said, not responding to his question. As Grady looked to where she was pointing, Tiffani felt her cell phone vibrating in her pocket. Taking it from the snug, soft pocket of her sweatpants she saw that it was Angie calling, and pressed the SEND button to receive the call.

“Must be kids or something, pulling a prank,” Grady said with a shrug, “It’s a little early for Halloween still, but oh well.”

“Oh well?” Tiffani echoed. She was about to berate him for making light of the damage to her lawn when Angie started talking.

“Did you see anything weird in your front lawn this morning?”

“Well good morning to you too sunshine,” Tiffani quipped, trying to make light of the current situation in light of a memory that she could feel trying to resurface.

“I’m serious Tiff,” Angie said, “This morning when I came out to my front yard I saw two sneakers on my front lawn with worms all over them, big ones, wriggling all over them.”

“Were they your shoes?” Tiffani asked, not sure what else to say.

“No, but they, they remind me of the kind of shoes we used to wear back in high school. I, ah, I had a memory of back then. Have you?”

“No,” Tiffani replied, shaking her head, “Why?”

“Are you kidding me Tiff? Casey’s back in town and you can’t figure out why that would be important?”

Tiffani looked back to the burn marks, and suddenly the memory didn’t just drift to the surface, it slammed into her conscious memory hard enough to give her an actual jolt as her coffee mug and phone suddenly fell from fingers that had gone numb from shock.

“Oh, my God,” she breathed.

(to be continued)

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