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“I woke up with a bad feeling today, but I don’t know why.”

She almost ignored her friend at that moment, as her mind was on too many things at that moment to really pay attention to such a vague statement. But something about the way she said it caused Tiffani to turn about and look at her friend. The first thing she noted was that Angie was wringing her hands, which was never a good sign, as it meant she was nervous.

Angie didn’t get nervous.

For as long as they’d known each other, Tiffani had known Angie to be a rock-solid personality that could weather just about anything. When her husband had fallen from a second-story balcony and nearly broken his neck she’d been worried and concerned, but she’d still pulled it together. When a mugger had attempted to extort cash from the bar nearly a year ago, Angie hadn’t even flinched when she’d tossed a cup of lime juice in the man’s face before knocking him over the head with the club that was kept behind the main bar. So seeing her anxious enough to wring her hands had Tiffani on alert suddenly. All at once the inventory numbers she’d been poring over flew from her mind as she spoke.

“What’s up?”

Angie, her red, curly hair bound up in a bun and her glasses pushed up on top of her head, shook her head as she replied, “I dunno. It’s just a feeling I guess, but it’s a strong one. Like something bad is going to happen, y’know? It’s almost like, like the feeling you get before a big storm hits.”

Tiffani nodded, as being on the coast they did get their fair share of storms and then some. But it still didn’t feel like enough to warrant this kind of reaction. She was about to ask again just what Angie meant when the sound of a bar stool being pulled back across the tile floor alerted both of them to the presence of a customer. Angie, normally friendly and quite welcoming, looked at the individual with widened eyes as her jaw dropped. Turning about, Tiffani felt her own eyes widen at who she saw.

(to be continued)

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