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It started off positive after all….
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See, when you want the power and then get it and still claim not to have it you might forget why you wanted it in the first place and….where was I going with this?
Photo Of Martial Artist Shared With Claims To Discredit US Protests
Face it, there are no “BLM Allies”, there are just victims they haven’t gotten to yet…
Showed up to a BLM protest with employment applications - quickmeme
Tom hardy must've said this! : terriblefacebookmemes

There are problems in this world, that much is obvious, but talking, getting along, and trying to understand that not everyone is out to get you and LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE while EARNING it is the best way to be empowered. Otherwise, you’re just whining and spewing verbal diarrhea in every direction to those that are tired of being dumped on for something they didn’t do. Grow up and move on, it’s time to start living and stop lying.

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