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The sound of footsteps brought Kyle back to himself as he felt his anger rising slightly, but as he heard them moving pas his hiding spot again he backed away slowly, searching in the dark for the latch that would allow him entry into the next room.

“He has to have gone somewhere,” he heard someone say. The voice was a little too muffled to make out who it was, but Kyle had no doubt that someone might remember that he’d altered the warehouse at some point. It hadn’t been as big of a secret as he’d tried to keep it, as his kids knew about the passages, as did his brother and sister. Whether they were thinking of it at the moment however was debatable, since it felt as though they should have figured out the trick by now. He needed to get out of here, and quickly.

Feeling around for the latch again he felt something click as his hand brushed against it.

“Wait! Did you hear that?”

Kyle froze, slowly taking his fingers from the latch as the footsteps pounded away, towards the noise he was hoping and away from the hatch that he’d reached this space through. The space beyond was where he needed to be since it offered a way out of the warehouse through the floorboards, but it was likely to be a risk to to make his way into the room beyond at this point. As he listened closely, placing one ear close to the wall, he heard nothing. Thinking it was a risk, he still pushed the latch again, wincing as he heard the slight click as he peered into the room.

There was no one there. But that wasn’t going to last too long as he could already here footsteps headed this way. Kyle was quick to pull up a craftily-hidden ring in the floor, making his way behind the office’s singular desk as he didn’t worry about closing the hatch. As a last-second decision he opened the rooms only window before dashing to the hatch once again, almost diving into the space below as he pulled the hatch shut after him as quietly as he could. Hopefully the pounding footsteps would drown it out. Even if they did find it however he was already moving, making his way along the corridor after stepping off the fixed ladder that led from the office to this space.

He had a car dealership to reach.

(to be continued)

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