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This is the part, dear reader, where you hope to be inspired and to see the happy ending to an otherwise sorrowful tale, is it not? But this time, unlike many others, I find it necessary to keep what is said between Fred and his daughter private, as many such things should be. The frustration of not knowing, of having to guess what might be said between the two, will have to be assuaged by the idea that Fred and his daughter did reconnect, that she filled him in on what he’d missed, and that she had a chance to say goodbye to him before whatever direction his spirit was bound to head opened up.

Is that enough? Can your imagination come up with a satisfying ending? If so, then you might very well grant Fred his wish to reunite with his beloved wife, and to gain the peace he wanted for so long. If not, then one might have imagine that you’ll wonder for a while.

The End

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