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He’d had the idea of trying to possess the idiot father of the family more than once to try and get his message across. He could have probably told them why he was here, what he wanted to do, and why. but he hadn’t been willing to try just yet. There was something holding him back, a conscience perhaps, because it wasn’t that he liked the guy. Fred had found a reason to actually spook the guy more than once by making an odd noise around him or tipping something off a shelf or opening and closing something just to unnerve the father. But nothing worked, the moron acted nervous for all of a few seconds and then went back to being a dullard.

It was still tempting though. He wanted to know what had happened to his wife and kids, and not being able to leave the house or speak to anyone else, or even indicate what he wanted, was maddening. But trying to possess someone didn’t sound like it would be as simple as it sounded, and it didn’t sound as though it might be something that might endear him to a higher power, if there was one.

That was another maddening turn of events, since if there was a God and a devil then it was hard to figure out why he hadn’t met either one of them yet.

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