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“Are we gonna move mom? Please say we are.”

Fred had felt guilty about the first family’s decision to move, and he didn’t feel any better about scaring this family, but he couldn’t leave the place. The thought of whether he could leave if the house burned down had crossed his mind in the past, but he wasn’t about to make a family suffer that kind of horror just for the sake of his own curiosity. But tormenting them without meaning to, that was almost as bad.

“No,” said the mother, shaking her head at the son, “This bastard of ghost is. I’m calling the Ghost Hunters tomorrow and we’ll take care of this.”

Fred couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he heard this. He’d seen the Ghost Hunters on television when the family had been out one day, and he wasn’t impressed. As far as he could see they were a bunch of wannabe actors with fancy equipment that could have been picking up stray bits of radiation that they called ghosts. He could admit that the stuff was real, after all he was stuck in the middle of his own ghostly existence, but to date he hadn’t seen or heard of anyone that could physically banish a ghost. The only reason that the psycho that had been summoned by the Ouija board had left was because Fred and finally forced him out. No amount of prayer or trying to ‘understand’ him had done any good. For all the legends and myths that there were concerning ghosts, people didn’t really know that much about them.

“How much is that gonna cost us?”

The husband in this family was kind of a waste of space, someone that sat around all the time and didn’t take an active interest in his kids or even his wife. He worked for a living, but apart from that he didn’t act much like a father, and the only things that interested him were things that he didn’t feel like sharing with anyone else.

He was too much like Fred’s father to be honest.

(to be continued)

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