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Fred could still remember how the veins in the old priest’s neck had stood up as he’d been rebuked in the name of Jesus over and over and how the priest had told him to return to hell and blah, blah, blah. In the end he’d just faded off and allowed the family to believe that the priest had done the job. The old man had passed away nearly a year a later as he understood it, something to do with a heart attack or something. But he’d remained, and eventually the family had left when they’d found that he was still around. Fred had never made it appear that he wanted to hurt anyone, nor had he ever done anything harmful or even vaguely annoying, but it had been tempting at times.

Like when the teenage kids of the first family had used the damned Ouija board. He’d always figured that such things were a joke, that they were meant to scare people into believing that evil spirits could be channeled the same way they were in the movies. But what the kids had done was a little worse, since the spirit that had answered the call had been human once, but had been a true psycho apparently since the guy had done plenty of things that had been pinned on Fred far too quickly. Pulling hair, pinching, and swatting had been the start of it. But when one of the teenage daughters had claimed that the resident ghost, Fred, had done something carnal against her will the family had made the choice to call in the preacher, and not long after that they’d left. The teens had never even mentioned the Ouija board, as they’d buried it in the back yard.

He hadn’t bothered appearing to anyone when the house had been put up for sale, but he’d been amused when potential buyers had asked more than once why the previous family had moved. The realtor, whose job it had been to find out every detail, had said that the reason was pretty simple, the father had been offered a job in a different state and they’d had to move. Fred had just shaken his head at that point, and had almost felt sorry for whichever family moved in, since they would be buying a haunted house based on a lie.

But for all that he’d wanted to tell them, he couldn’t convey what he wanted somehow. It was, as he’d decided, against some unspoken and unwritten rule that he’d never been given. But to his frustration, it meant that he couldn’t ask anyone, or tell them, that he wanted to know what had happened to his family.

(to be continued)

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