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The family before this one had tried to get him out with a priest, but Fred wasn’t evil, he was just stuck. He wasn’t a demon, he was just a guy that had fallen asleep one night, felt a light pain in his chest, and then gone back to sleep. He hadn’t known anything of what had happened until it was too late, and his family was gone, his home had been sold, and the family that he’d seen first had moved in. This was currently the second family that he’d been haunting, and as he’d seen it on the news this occurrence was something of a big deal on a local scale. A lot of people felt that he was a hoax, something made up by the family that had come and gone, but even the supposed paranormal experts hadn’t been able to determine just why he was here or what he was doing.

There was a barrier of some sort that didn’t allow Fred to do much more than interact with the physical world, but to be fair he’d been less than forthcoming, largely because the methods that had been used thus far were a little too dangerous in his opinion. He’d never held much stock in the supernatural or anything beyond what he could see, hear, or touch, but that attitude had changed quickly when the first family had purchased a Ouija board, as they’d thought that he was a malevolent spirit bent on destroying them. People watched too many movies these days, and from what he could tell, VHS and even the new DVD systems just weren’t where it was at any longer, especially since that new network Netflix had come along. One channel with so many movies and TV shows, and no commercials. Fred could easily admit that he’d spent many an hour watching TV when the families had been out of the house, and he’d freaked out a few people thanks to the fact that they’d somehow sensed his presence and been unable to stay in the room.

But the exorcist/priest that the first family had brought in, hoo boy, that had been different.

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