Eerie look around abandoned prison that housed murderers and ...

“Yo dude, you pissed yourself?”

David grimaced as he looked down at his pants, nodding his head, “Yeah, damn inmates were trying to decide who was gonna make me their bitch. I guess it’s easier for them when you’re tied down.”

“Shit man, that’s raw,” said the speaker, a young Latino that couldn’t have been more than 14 or 15.

“You saw inmates?” another youth, a black kid, said as he came closer, “We ain’t seen shit since we got put in here. This whole place feels empty, like some abandoned prison or some shit.”

“I thought I saw someone in the shower,” the Latino said, “But there was no one there.”

“You went and checked?” David scoffed, “That was stupid.”

The other kid frowned at him, “Least I didn’t piss myself over nothin’!”

The slamming of the door leading from the cell block they’d been put into slammed open as three burly guards came storming in, shouting at them to get up against the wall, put their noses on the wall, “Now goddamit”

The kids did as they were asked, and amazingly as they stood there they heard the catcalls and shuffling of feet from behind them as glancing back they could see inmates milling about, some of them looking their way, others even coming towards them. But where the hell had they come from?

“Man,” David said, turning his face back to the wall, “My parents are gonna sue the hell out of this place.”

“Don’t bet on it cupcake,” said one of the officers, his voice close to David’s ear as he flinched away, “Your parents have signed you over to us, so you’re all ours for the duration.”

“Yeah,” David scoffed, “Whatever.”

He didn’t expect to be grabbed by the upper arms and whirled around so quickly, nor did he expect the back of his head to bounce off the wall with such force that black spots appeared in his vision. For a moment the image of the officer holding him blurred, was gone, and then blurred into focus once again. What the hell?

“You can’t do this!” David yelled, “My parents will-“

“Your parents gave you over to us cupcake,” the guard growled, “So we can do whatever we want, and you’d better learn that.”

As though to make his point, the guard slapped him, hard, and without any warning. As the black spots came again in the wake of the hit, David could his heart beating a little quicker. Was this for real?

(to be continued)

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