Eerie look around abandoned prison that housed murderers and ...

They were shuffled into the prison in a line. The officers, pricks all of them apparently, didn’t even let up once they’d hit the doors. Each kid had been roughed up a bit by the time they’d reached the front doors, which, to David, looked a little bit unsettling, but he supposed that was the deal. They wanted to scare them into behaving after all, as though shit ever worked.

“Keep your eyes to the front!” barked one of the officers, “You punks will not talk, walk, or blow your goddamned nose without our say so!”

“What about scratching our ass?” David quipped to the youth in front of him. He didn’t know anyone here as far as he could tell, but that was pretty standard for these shows .What wasn’t standard was the fact that their parents were gone, and there were no cameras about. Normally there’d be at least one two as far as he knew. Maybe they were using surveillance and body cams for this mess.

“What did you say inmate?!” one of the cops roared as he walked up on David, “Did I hear you speak, or was your asshole asking me a question?!”

“He said somethin’ about scratchin’ his ass!” another officer, a big black brick of a man, said as the first one reached out and, with one finger, scratched David’s cheek tenderly.

“There, you have had your ass scratched! Now tell it to stop speaking or I will put somethin’ in it”

“Can you scratch my nuts for me while you’re at it?” David asked, grinning at the officer. He knew the deal, they could only do so much to him. There was a limit after all. “They’re a little sweaty so be gentle.”

The officer smiled at David, but there was little to no mirth in it, and what joy he did see in those hard chips of granite that the man called his eyes was soulless, dark in a way he couldn’t describe somehow.

“Gag and bag this wanna be comedian!” the officer roared, “Get his little pukepot ass out of my sight!”

David was about to protest when a dark bag was thrown over his head, and for a while the world became darkness, with the rough, frenzied motions the only thing that indicated that he was moving one way or the other. What in the hell was going on?!

(to be continued)

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