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“In the beginning, I opened my eyes, much as your little fleshy, grub-like children do.”



“That’s kind of combative to start with, isn’t it? Plus, you’re likening yourself to a baby?”

She almost felt the glare that was being leveled at her back, but strangely it made her grin instead of shudder.

“You know exactly what I meant.”

“No, not really. Remember I have a human intellect, it’s obviously far below your own, so you’re going to have to speak in words that I understand. But maybe don’t sound so agitated when you start out. Just a suggestion.”

“Mocking me isn’t wise.”

“That’s why I’m not doing it,” Chandice said before taking a drink. Once she’d swallowed she continued, drumming the fingers of her right hand on the desktop, “I’m asking you to speak in a way I can understand. If you need me to write this part of your story then I need to be able to understand what you’re trying to say. Otherwise it’ll come out wrong and you’ll have to find someone-“

“Enough,” the voice said, obviously perturbed, “I understand. I have to lower my intellect to the same level as yours.”

“Well, if you want to be mean about it, yes.”

“Very well,” the voice said with a sigh, “How should I begin?”

“Are you talking about lowering your intellect or starting the story?”

“Oh, this is going to take a while.”

Chandice couldn’t help but smile.

(to be concluded)

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