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“My apologies,” the voice said, “But you talk a little too much.”

Chandice’s lips came apart as she flexed her jaw before taking a drink. Rolling her eyes she cast her gaze to the screen in front of her, virtually ignoring the landscape outside. “So, you want me to write part of your story.”

“That is correct.”

“I suppose this is the part when you might expect me to ask what’s in it for me, but I won’t.”

“I had a feeling you wouldn’t.”

“You’re catching on.”

“Live long enough and you begin to see patterns quickly,” the voice said as the scenery outside changed back to its original, hectic view, “But with writers that pattern can be solid or chaotic in ways I don’t care for.”

“I would have thought that you would enjoy chaos.”

“When it serves a purpose,” the voice said with a solemn tone, “Otherwise it’s just noise and motion.”

“You just described my first relationship in high school I think.”

“Do all humans think in such vulgar terms? I’ll admit I enjoy it, but there are times when your flippant tone is hard to decipher.”

“It breaks up the monotony,” Chandice said, taking another drink.

“I’d think you have very little of that.”

“Only when I’m sleeping,” she said after swallowing, “And even then the old thought machine likes to mix it up every so often.”

“So, my story?”

Chandice nodded, “What chapter do I get to work on?”


“You told me that it would take too many humans and too long for one of us to tell the whole story, so which part do I get to tell? I get the feeling that I’m not the only that will be tapped at some point.”

“No,” the voice replied, “You won’t be the last, and you’re not the first. But the failures I’ve had in the past have been wiped away.”

“Okay,” she said in confusion, “And what does that mean?”

“You’ll write the beginning of my story, and this time it will be written correctly.”

Chandice felt her eyebrows rise, seemingly of their own volition, “Well, shit.”

“Indeed,” said the voice, “Let’s begin.”

(to be continued)

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