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The reason the family left was because of what I did, but my intentions were pure. Sadly though, this was an age in which superstition and fear of the unknown still ruled, and my mere presence was considered a rather bothersome thing. In my own defense, those hooded individuals that came seeking trouble on these grounds deserved the fright I gave them, but the family did not. All the same, I drove them out, and it has been a regret for some time. When the cowards that threatened the family decided to enter my domain, I felt it my duty and my responsibility to this family to act. Only a few times had I ever knowingly appeared to the living, and of those few times it was mainly to children, who can somehow see in a spectrum that many adults lose sight of at some point in life. But this time, I was angered, and allowed the rage to turn me into something terrible, a vengeful spirit that rattled the windows, shook the floorboards, and created such a frigid gust of wind that the torches the cowards bore were extinguished shortly before they ran screaming like young girls into the night.

The family moved not long after, packing their belongings and striking out for parts unknown. To this day the terror I saw on their faces haunts me, ironic as that is. For a while after, the house lay quiet, still, and without a single resident other than the occasional spider and the few mice that found a way in through the baseboards. I was so lonely that I felt as though moving on would be the only answer. Many years passed before I heard a key turn in the lock, and to be quite honest the sound nearly made me rise up in defense of my home once again, as I felt little more than irritation at the sudden and unexpected intrusion. But when a voice had floated through the doorway, speaking my family name, I stopped.

Despite the idea that many adults could not see me should I not desire it, I found myself hiding around corners as the strangers, who were dressed rather shabbily in my estimation, but sounded like decent people, went peering through the house. There was something familiar about them, something I could not identify until later, when after a cursory examination of the home, they returned.

They were my descendants, come to reclaim the legacy that had been sold years ago. And for a time, my heart was filled with joy again.

(to be continued)

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