California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

Three weeks passed before Destiny could think of her brother without breaking down. It was nearly two weeks before she went back to work, though she’d been told by several of her clients that she could take all the time she needed. It wasn’t normal really to hear such a thing from those with personal issues that needed to vent, but it was welcome. Still, Destiny had felt a responsibility to those that had come to her with their problems, and had gone back to work even when her family had questioned the move.

Standing in front of the TV as she was now, dressed in a robe and a light jogging suit, she could see that it had been the wrong move.

Gerald had been in an accident at work, as an errant spark produced by a grinder had lit upon an errant leak coming from a nearby oil drum, whose contents had somehow been left unattended for some time. The shop that Gerald had worked at had always been highly regarded by its many customers, but had never been one for cleanliness apparently, and as Gerald had been walking by the drum it had inexplicably exploded, detonating like some ill-timed mine as it had then splashed him liberally with the interior contents, which had only fed the blaze. The coroner had stated that it was likely that Gerald was dead from the concussive force that blew out three windows within the shop and almost taken the life of another mechanic, the same one that had been grinding away at the underside of a Buick when the random spark had taken flight. Unfortunately the men he’d been working with could swear they’d heard him screaming before he died.

There was no chance of an open casket funeral, as the body had been burned beyond recognition, to the point that dental records might have been the only way to identify Gerald if eyewitnesses hadn’t placed him at the scene in that fateful moment. Destiny hadn’t known what to do, she hadn’t known what to feel, apart from anger, sorrow, and an icy dread in the pit of her stomach.

The latter feeling was coming from the scene she was now watching as a movie was on display, one she had unwittingly selected and had felt compelled to watch. A young woman had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom, but in truth, the kidnapper had no intention of releasing her, and was already torturing her mercilessly. More than once now the terrified young woman had looked towards the screen, in what might have been deemed a fourth wall break. It was becoming harder to keep looking really, but somehow Destiny couldn’t tear her eyes away from the woman as she was shown again and again on the screen. She knew this young woman, though by all rights she shouldn’t have since the woman she knew wasn’t an an actress. But she did all the same.

It was Patricia.

(to be continued)

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