College Liberal Meme |  SUPPORTS TEARING DOWN STATUES OF HISTORICAL FIGURES. OWNS A BUST OF KARL MARX. | image tagged in memes,college liberal | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
If something offends you, just keep moving. Stop tearing down ...
01-09 Politically Incorrect Daily - Politically Incorrect Humor
Mugatu So Hot Right Now Meme - Imgflip
The American Liberal Summed Up By One Hilarious Meme

At some point those that are being called racist, bigoted, sexist, and any other name short of monster will be likely to turn around and give protesters a valid reason to call them such names. Why? Because they’ll grow tired of the constant complaining and give them the monsters they forgot existed. Poke the bear, go on, and eventually the bear won’t just bite, it’ll turn around and maul you to pieces. Learn to coexist and stop being offended over every damned thing.

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