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The next day flew by up until noon. Work was work, Destiny had just two more clients for the day and she’d already seen three. Thankfully everyone’s visit to their ‘favorite psychiatrist’ as she’d been deemed a while back had gone just fine, no serious problems and nothing to report but continued progress. Only one of the clients she’d seen had unnerved her a bit, as she’d heard something in the young woman’s voice that she’d put off to stress and the uncertainty of being a teenage mother, or nearly a teenage mother. Patricia Ormond was a sweet young black woman just out of high school and just turned 18 and was three months pregnant, a condition that was apparently meant to happen considering that she’d admitted that she and her boyfriend had been using protection and she’d been on the pill since she turned 16.

Thankfully her mother and father were pleased to know that they would be grandparents, and her boyfriend was sticking around to be a father, but she’d still felt apprehensive about the whole thing apparently, which didn’t surprise Destiny in the least.

“Do you ever feel like something, or someone, is just sitting there, watching, waiting, kind of setting up your life as it goes along? Like there’s no set plan, like fate could just, reach out and grab you whenever it wants?”

That had set Destiny’s nerves to jangling slightly, though she’d hidden it well as she had answered as plainly and as honestly as she could. Destiny believed in fate quite a bit, as did her parents, hence her name. But when it came to feeling that fate was out to get you, she also believed, as she’d told Patricia, that a person’s fate might have been pre-determined, but the choices a person made were what controlled how the story went. As a personal belief it wasn’t something that she would typically share with a client, but she’d seen that Patricia had needed comforting in that moment, and had said the first thing that had come to mind.

Now, sitting in her chair, debating what to do before her next appointment, Destiny felt her heart skip a beat for some reason as she hit the green button to receive the call. Placing the phone against her ear the first thing she could hear was a faint, hitching sob.

“Mom?” she said, feeling a sudden wave of dread come over her.

“Destiny,” her mother replied in a hitching voice, “Honey, something happened to Gerald.”

(to be continued)

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