California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

Her brother’s face was a raw, red mass of weeping tissue, his mouth was little more than a gaping hole that an unending scream appeared to be coming from as he leaned closer, closer…

“Hey!” he said as she blinked, uncertain of what had just happened, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Destiny replied, “I ah, I, was just zoning out for a second there.”

Gerald looked at her with a smirk, “You gettin’ freaky visions or something like that?”

“Why would you ask that?” Her blood felt like ice in her veins at that moment, but she continued to move about as normal, placing her small black purse on an end table as they walked into the living room together.

“I dunno, it’s just the way you looked, kind of like people look in the movies when they’ve seen something all freaky.”

“You just surprised me, that’s all,” she said. Looking to her husband where he was sitting on the couch she asked, “How are they doing?”

“They’re up a touchdown”, he replied, not looking at her, “but that damned Wilson’s like a cat,nobody can catch him, and the damned Seahawks are within field goal range.”

“And that’s bad?” she asked with a smirk, sitting next to him as he snorted. She didn’t know much about the NFL but she did know that her father and husband were both big Broncos fans, and ever since the 2013 Super Bowl the Bronco’s had been looking for payback after a serious drubbing at the hands of the team they were playing now. As Destiny watched her brother take a seat across the room she decided that maybe what she’d seen was due to stress, or something else work-related. But when the game came back on she found it easy enough to think about anything else.

(to be continued)

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