Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Everyone thinks they’ve got it right, they think that they have a good handle on it, that they’ve found the secret of life, the meaning, the purpose behind everything. But for the most part, they all miss it for one key reason: they don’t want to see it.

That’s about it. They don’t want to see for their own various reasons, most of them because it doesn’t fit their narrative of what really happened, and a lot of them because they feel that they’re being lied to by the rest of them. I can understand that, really I can, since the divine spark that set them all in motion and in turn set them against each other at one time or another is in fact responsible for keeping them apart even as it preaches about togetherness. It’s a grand game really, to see who can fool who and who’s standing at the end. The Final Rotation is coming eventually I can tell, not just because of the timeline, but because the fall of humanity is already underway, and has been since one race apparently became dominant again.

It’s hard to call the light-skinned race the dominant one though, as they’ve taken to doing something that hasn’t really happened throughout the long and varied histories that humanity has gone through and forgotten. The white skins have attempted to share power, dividing their own faction so horribly and shaming one another into action that they’ve effectively divided themselves, and their darker-skinned brethren, along lines that are horribly blurred and couldn’t possibly be figured out by any of them at this point. It’s kind of funny really, like watching a muddy swirl be diluted into a clear pond after one steps into it. Sooner or later everything within the pond finds harmony and learns to coexist, as no one element can do without another, but cause a little ruckus, and things become clouded.

I almost can’t wait to see what’s going to happen after this current epoch is over.

(to be concluded)


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