Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Humans love to think they have such a solid grip on the world as it is. They swallow down anything that’s given to them without thinking for themselves that often, and to be realistic it’s in their conditioning. The force that created them, not the God that so many bend their knee to and not the gods that many of them worship, doesn’t really care, as it sends representatives into the world after each final rotation to walk the land and create yet another creation myth here and there, another way for humans to learn about their world, in a manner of speaking, and to think that they have it all figured out again. In other words, this universal force, if that’s what people want to see it as, toys with humans as a type of experiment, seeing how far it can push them until they break, almost as if on schedule.

I have met the gods, and the God, more than once, since my kind, we call ourselves travelers, are only a few steps removed from said force, which is why we remember almost everything. The ‘gods’ are just as convinced that they’re infallible, that they know exactly what’s going on, and that their will is absolute, but they’re pawns as well. No one wants to come to this realization. Can you blame them? Given the choice, most people will free will, or what passes as free, wouldn’t want to serve another that they didn’t care for. There is a spark to humanity that is of interest to me, and to my fellow travelers, but it’s one that comes and goes like a summer breeze, there one moment and undone the next. But there’s a spark all the same. The only problem is that this spark, durable as it is, has a hard time flourishing under the torrent of uncertainty and hatred that humans have for one another at times.

I told you that the dark-skinned folks ruled for a while, and their rule ended. After the Final Rotation the lighter-skinned individuals took over, rising to power and treating the dark skins with the same type of brutality that their predecessors had experienced. I do wonder if anyone thought this was revenge, or if they figured that it was simply divine right that caused them to raise their hands to their former neighbors and friends? It’s hard to tell really, especially since after the Final Rotation the peace appeared to last for a while until the hostilities began. But the white-skinned people came to power, trampling over everyone and everything in sight until their own kingdoms were undone by sickness, disease, and infighting among the lot of them. Power and money undid the white skins in a big way, making them a bit more pitiful than the dark skins, especially given that there was very little unity as every single king wanted their own land, their own country, and wanted all others to bow down to them.

Wars were started over virtually nothing, crusades were taken against enemies that should have been allies, and brother killed brother while sisters were forced into servitude and a place of lesser influence unless they could find their footing and take what they wanted. It was a mess then, just as it is now. But the white skins fell because they could not unite, while those that came to power after them had their own difficulties in holding power.

So far, no one has managed to get it right.

(to be continued)


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