Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

What I remember of the dark-skinned folk was that they eventually came to rule most of the globe, that which wasn’t covered by water. Somehow in all this they came to believe that they were “God’s Chosen People” since they were given a divine mandate to rule by any means necessary. It’s true that they were were stronger, they were quicker, and they exhibited much more ferocity than any other race, but it’s also true that their superiority complex was so great that they thought nothing could topple them. Eventually within any system however there are a few things that will bring about the end. Instability, arrogance, or ignorance are three of the biggest killers I’ve ever seen, and this race exhibited all three when it came to their enemies.

They were defeated shortly before the Final Rotation, their leader beaten and bloodied as I remember, and their forces broken by the very races they’d attempted to annihilate. People these days like to say that only a dominant race can be racist, well, they might not want to hear it, but every race has been dominant throughout the time of humanity, they just haven’t been able to keep it. The dark-skinned folk were toppled from within by those of their own race that believed them to be in the wrong, while they were aided from without by the many other races that banded together to undo them. You see, when any one race becomes too powerful, it tends to unite the others in a bid to take down the main aggressor, the shared enemy. But once the enemy is down and out, the struggles and old wounds open again, and humanity is lost once more.

There have been times of relative peace, but they tend to come long after the Final Rotation, when those that are left behind feel the need to regain whatever humanity they lost by finally treating each other with respect. They’ll tend to forget what drove them apart for a while as they seek to rebuild and renew their history, building atop the bones of those that have come before. You might ask why historian have never seen evidence of this, why they’ve never found anything of past ancient civilizations that suggest anything like this has ever happened. That’s another simple point to highlight: the world envelops the trappings of mankind and reverts them back to the primordial forms they once held, creating a fresh start for each new civilization, a blank slate as it were. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Many would say that something should be left, some evidence that would prove that civilizations have risen and fallen long before anything that the current day historians speak of.

Who in the world do you think wipes the books, so to speak? Who do you think begins the story anew, trying to teach the people how to live, how to act, and what the history of humanity is all about? If there’s one lesson you take from this story, let it be this:

If you control the narrative, you control the masses.

(to be continued)


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