Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Where do I begin with humans? Going back too far would be kind of pointless since they came from very simple organisms, just like anything and everything. People don’t like to hear that they came from sentient goop, it gives them this idea that instead of ‘from dust thou art’ is being challenged somehow, that someone is telling them something along the lines of ‘from shit thou art’ or something. Oh, if only they knew.

I’ll go back to the point I remember, between two different epochs, which for the layman is around 3 million years, when the rule of humanity was ending as the Final Rotation came to pass. At that time those in charge were dark of skin and extremely cruel, as aggression and dominance were the order of the day. Anyone that stood up to them were swiftly knocked down, their homes destroyed, their people slaughtered, and entire villages razed for the act of one individual. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Thankfully for the human race things have quieted a down as they’ve found that wonderful illusion known as ‘morality’, even if it’s an imperfect tool, just like anything else they’ve used throughout the years.

I haven’t been around for each and every epoch, but I’ve been around long enough to see everyone take their turn at the top more than once. The dark-skinned races, black people as they call them now, which is ridiculous to me since their skin is a dark brown at best, have been violent, they’ve been peaceful, and they’ve been enlightened at one point, though that passed on by and allowed them to turn violent and then pacifistic yet again. The funny thing is, every race has taken a turn at being tyrants and at being benevolent leaders that did their best to stem the tides of hatred that seem to flow so easily in the veins of humanity. But they’ve all failed in the end since as it’s been shown, humanity’s biggest drive is to end at some point, sometimes before the Final Rotation comes along.

I do recall the most ancient of the dark-skinned folks, whose name I’m drawing a blank on at the moment. The Final Rotation messes with the memory of my people as well, though not nearly as effectively as it does that of human beings. But the first dark-skinned folks I recall were quite aggressive and believed that they were superior in all ways to their lighter-skinned brethren, and were set upon proving this with violence that only increased throughout their reign. They became an advanced nation, a strong nation, and one that nearly covered the globe, such as it was at that time. But then things changed of course, and the Final Rotation wiped all that away.

The Final Rotation is an odd occurrence, since by the time this world finally stops spinning, everything has stopped. Societies have nearly collapsed, millions upon millions are usually dead, and only a handful of individuals are still alive at best, and I mean handfuls, barely a hundred or more. But oddly enough, there are representatives of every possible color, race, religion, and so on and so forth.

There is a plan obviously, but I’ve never been made privy to it. My job is to watch and protect, when needed.

(to be continued)


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