Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

History is written by the victor, and victory determines the narrative.

Nobody wants to remember a time that was different than what they know. They say they do, but they really don’t. Currently those in ‘power’ are coming close to losing it, largely because the most recent grab was muddled somehow by some dunderhead that couldn’t remember that simple line, that the victor determines how history went. For one reason or another, the victors this time around, call them immoral, call them evil, or whatever you want, forgot to finish the job. The others didn’t when it was their turn to rule, they took over and pretty much wiped out the opposition. That sounds like genocide to some, maniacal mass murder to a lot of people but a solution that some folks have found to be both satisfying and cathartic in its own way since it meant that there was peace for a while, even if it had to be enforced.

Maybe that’s where things tend to go wrong, when humans are allowed to sit at the top of a power structure for a while. It doesn’t matter what race or color of human sits at the head of the table, they all get greedy one way or another, and they all end up facing opposition due to the practices they preach but rarely follow. One thing that everyone in this day and age gets right is that there is a system in place that’s been there for a very long time, longer than even the historians could understand. But it’s not a system that needs racism to work. In fact I kind of laugh when people fight over such petty things and treat each other like crap based on their skin color. It’s pettiness of the highest order really, and all it does is divide a species that would be better off staying unified. But maybe that’s the biggest joke of all: they’ve never been meant to unify.

Humans have been problematic since the day they finally evolved from primates into what they are now. They’ve fought for the strangest of reasons, though shelter and resources is worthwhile enough to be fair since every organism needs both to survive. But they fight for ideals, for beliefs, and for thoughts. Even one such as myself finds that a little silly since survival is the most important thing, and everything else comes second. But humans, wow, they fight over trivial matters that should unite them instead of tearing them apart. As I said though, humans obviously weren’t meant to come together in harmony, as they’re born in disharmony and unless they find that path towards personal balance and enlightenment they tend to stay on that self-destructive course until they’re old and gray and just can’t go any longer. They’re an odd species, they don’t always seek a balance point with their surroundings, and they definitely don’t tend to get along when they find out that they’re different from their neighbors in many ways.

But the worst thing about them is that as much as they enjoy their history and take pride in this or that culture, their memory is for shit. Anything they’ve written down, drawn, sculpted, or left behind is eventually reclaimed by the earth upon what a lot of us call the Final Rotation, that last moment when the earth slows to a grinding halt and the shift between one epoch and another begins. They don’t notice it, they don’t know about it, and they certainly don’t remember what came before them. You’d be amazed to know what I’ve seen, and who’s been on top in various scenarios. Of course these days if one even mentioned something like this they’d be called racist or bigoted since, well, y’know, people are short-sighted and, well, kinda dumb.

The thing is though, black people have been the oppressors in the past, as have Asian folks, and Hispanic folks. At one point every race has been subjugated, but people don’t remember since the Final Rotation takes it all away.

Maybe I should go into further detail….

(to be continued)


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