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I am silent because I am thinking, processing, and attempting to understand the intent and direction of an argument. I am not silent to show assent to one side or the other.

I am quiet because the moment my words reach your ear something turns them to poison, to disagreement, and to doubt. I do not speak in order that you might find a reason to twist the words I seek to give to you.

I will stay silent not out of cowardice, but out of conviction that both sides of an argument can make sense. My hope is that one day those who struggle against each other will see reason, though it is a long road yet to walk.

280 Amazing Silence Quotes That Will Make You Feel Calm

I will maintain my quiet until I feel that either side is willing to listen without rushing to judgment. However I feel that this day might be long in coming, as both sides believe they know best and will not yield.

280 Amazing Silence Quotes That Will Make You Feel Calm

I will not not yield my stance, as too many like me know the value of silence and how it can act as a fulcrum, not a tool, to seek balance between one side and another. We are not the weak, or the meek, but those that seek a compromise, an agreement that things can, should, and will change as life continues forward.

My silence is not your weapon to use against me, or those that seek to think of a way past the current confusion.


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