America is not a perfect place, nor has it ever been, no matter how anyone wishes to romanticize any notions of the past before the ‘white man’ came and apparently upset the precious balance of the world. If we’re really to harp on this issue then one has to ask how far back in time we’re ready to go and who can carry the blame for swinging the first punch at the wrong person and what color they were. If we’re going to stay in the present time and wonder why we have such issues it might be preferable, as bringing up past events that none of us had or have any control over will continue to provide fuel for a fire that’s been burning for far too long.

There’s a reason why the racial divide exists, and it’s the fault of all those involved, not just one side. Our justice system is faulty, it is flawed, and it unfortunately isn’t getting better at this point. And yet, the response to that same faulty system, to demand that it be torn down rather than reworked and given a different set of hands to steer it back on course, is no better than the problem that already exists. And then come the arguments “you don’t know what it’s like, you’re not black, you have no idea what it means to be afraid. It doesn’t affect you, you’re privileged, and so on and so forth…”

They’re true, to be honest, those comments and many more. I don’t fear for my life when I leave my home. I don’t wonder if today will be the day I’m unfairly targeted. I might wonder if I’ll be unfairly judged for what others have done, for remaining silent and apart from the issue as stepping into it tends to come with the caveat of ‘us or them’ as people seek to divine just ‘who’s side’ you’re really on in any given argument.

I’m not any side. I want no part of this. What I want is for those that did wrong to be punished to the full extent of the law, to feel the terror and the dread within their prison walls, thinking whether or not this is the day that someone will take justice into their own hands. But apart from that, I want to live my life as best I can, which entails treating people like people, for better or worse, in accordance to how they treat me and those I care about. I wish to teach my children to respect others, that every last person in this world is to be afforded the respect they’ve earned, and that which they are to be given until otherwise noted. My wants are bound to make me a target as well, but I will weather them and hold fast with my convictions and my own ideas of right and wrong.

I won’t seek to right the wrongs of this world, as this is not my place. I will not support divisiveness, nor will I seek to say that one life matters more than another. There is fairness in this world and there is equality, but as human beings we rarely find the connection to such ideals, but will gladly blame one another for the inability to reach said ideals. With that being said, treating one another as sentient, thinking beings is an ideal that would be great to see, but in this lifetime or any other it’s an ideal that both succeeds and fails in different measures.

This is a definite fail, as it only divides further under the less than convincing ideal of fairness:


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