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Ben chuckled, shaking his head as he walked back over to the woman.

“Is that ride still an open offer?”

“Of course it is,” she replied, flashing that smile at him, “Come on and hop in, I’ll get the heater going and we’ll go pick up my boy and his friends.”

“What kind of rig do you drive?” Steve asked with a frown, “That sounds like it could be a full load.”

“That’s why I drive a suburban hon’,” she said with a grin, “When you’ve got a group to haul around it’s one of the only ways to do it. My sled will cart at least seven to nine guys around depending on how close they want to get.”

“I call shotgun,” Ben said quickly.

“You asshole,” Steve said with a smirk as they followed after the woman. She laughed out loud at the exchange, stopping only when she reached a massive black vehicle that had both Ben and Steve both whistling as they took a good, long look at the impressive machine.

“Now is that for me or my ride?” the woman asked with a grin, cocking one hip as though to sway their decision.

“Both,” Ben said, feeling a slight flush creep up to his cheeks as he made for the passenger door. He didn’t see the woman’s gaze track his every step, stopping only when he was out of sight on the other side.

“Brown-nose,” Steve muttered, taking a few steps towards the rear passenger’s door. The woman just rolled her eyes as she hopped into the driver’s seat, looking almost like a child behind the wheel as she settled in.

“Alright gentlemen, seat belts,” she said, “It’s a rule on the road and a rule in my ride. Other than that, say what you feel you need to say and let’s enjoy the ride.”

Ben frowned a bit at that, but shrugged it off as he felt compelled to turn to the woman as he found her staring at him with those brilliant green eyes. He had no idea what to say in that moment, but somehow she appeared to realize this and just smiled wider, starting the vehicle with a heavy rumble as a blast of cool air suddenly struck him fully.

(to be continued)

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