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Shaking his head he found that the figure was no longer there. He knew that he’d seen someone though. Had they just ducked out of sight? Why? Steve might not have believed him anyway had he seen the figure, but for now it was just more irritation as he stabbed at another piece of litter.

“You seein’ things now Ben?” Steve chuckled, “Did Odin just appear to you or something?”

“Kiss my ass Steve,” Ben muttered. It was bound to be a long day.

6 hours later….

A full day of litter-picking wasn’t hard but it was tough on the feet since they only spent a total of 2 hours at best in the work van being carted about by the deputy that had pulled what had to be shit duty at the Clark County Mabry Corrections site. Most of the people that came through here to perform court-ordered community service weren’t the worst of the worst, as those types tended to get left in jail. But he and Steve had had the dubious opportunity to be in the same van as a hotshot kid that thought he was something special.

“Man I’d have loved to curb stomp that little bitch,” Steve muttered, shuffling his feet to stave off the cold. Standing at the bus stop in the middle of winter wasn’t what he called fun, but then neither was getting busted on a Friday just so they could spend a weekend in jail. And to think, it’d been so they could go and get laid. The sad part was they hadn’t even managed to find the address that they’d been given by the two hotties at the bar that had supposedly wanted them. Maybe that was a good thing though.

“He wasn’t worth the effort,” replied Ben, taking a glance down the street to see if the bus was coming yet. The city bus was usually right on time, but with inclement weather things tended to happen from time to time.

“Hey handsome,” said a voice from his right, startling him just a bit as he snapped to attention. Casting his gaze to his right he could see a rather striking woman standing only a few feet away, a wry smile on her face. The first thing he was struck by wasn’t the flush that had come to her cheeks, no doubt from the cold and possibly from walking around in it. Instead he was drawn to the thigh-length duster she wore, the tan color seeming somehow vibrant, as did her bright red locks, which were bound up in several braids that had been bundled and tossed casually over her right shoulder. Eyes the color of a spring leaf regarded him what felt like an insane hunger as her lips parted in a smile. Somehow, some way, he felt almost overwhelmed by the woman, as though she were simply too much for him.

Glancing back towards Steven though he couldn’t help but gasp as he then cast his gaze to the woman.

“Something wrong big guy?”

(to be continued)

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