Charlie Zelenoff by Karisean on DeviantArt

Unfortunately, as great as Charlie was in his own mind, he never really came to understand just how great he wasn’t. He’d been up against those that knew nothing about MMA and those that absolutely knew what they were doing. There were moments when he actually managed to get attention of well-known MMA stars such as Rampage Jackson and Ken Shamrock, but when he decided to get in the face of legend Chuck Liddell he found out very quickly that he wasn’t tough or hard in any way. It could have been the fact that Chuck said he’d cave his face in or it could have been that Chuck hit Charlie so hard that he fell through the ropes, but whatever the case was he didn’t have much fight in him after falling through the ropes. He talked a good deal of shit, but when it looked as though Chuck would start chasing him Charlie ran, and that was that.

Well, it would have been that if not for the run-in with the cops that occurred a while back, when Charlie’s parents had finally had enough and called the police on him. It’s not that big of a story really, save for the fact that after so many failed attempts to get other MMA stars to respond Charlie apparently became hard to live with and even violent at times towards his parents and his wife. It got so bad at one point that he challenged his father to fight on video recording. His father, who probably weighed a buck fifteen soaking wet, stated that he didn’t want to fight his son, that he didn’t want things to go so far.

The cops didn’t have that problem.

When they arrived, four of them no less, Charlie was in a mood to be reckoned with. That didn’t really matter to the cops since the four of them took Charlie to the ground in quick order and had him up against a cruiser soon after that. His parents didn’t say anything, his wife didn’t say anything, and for the past three months now he’s been locked up in county, where according to the officer he’s been a model citizen.

Well, he hasn’t tried to fight anyone at least.

The End

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