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“It’s just a crow.”

“No man, that’s a raven, they’re a lot bigger than crows, and smarter from what I hear.”

The snort that came from his buddy irritated Ben to no end as he went back to stabbing pieces of trash on the side of the road, shivering as an icy breeze blew it’s way by, somehow penetrating his thick jacket and hooded sweatshirt to give him a slight rush as he kept walking. The highway the two men were currently walking was long, straight, and bracketed on both sides with thick underbrush that had turned skeletal thanks to the winter weather, and was currently encased in ice and a thick layer of snow that covered the ground and outlined many a branch here and there.

“Let me guess, it means Odin is watching?”

“How did you know that?”

“C’mon Ben, I’ve watched Vikings too, I remember what some of that shit means, even though a lot of it’s bullshit.”

“Like what?”

Their footsteps crunched along the side of the road as they walked over patches of ice, gravel, and at times broken glass and frozen leaves. To Ben it was a horrible sound, almost like they were giants treading upon the broken bones of the fallen.

“Like the vikings back in the day didn’t do everything you see in the show, or wear all the same stuff. I saw it online after watching the show man.”

“And you trust everything on the internet?”

“Some of it,” his buddy, Steve, nodded, “It’s just a show anyway man, they took what they wanted from history and made something out of it.”

“Doesn’t mean that it didn’t get a few things right.”

“You aren’t going to let this go, are you?”

Ben was about to answer when he saw a figure standing well ahead of them, far enough that he wasn’t easy to identify, but could still be seen as male considering the long, bushy beard and mustache.

“Who’s that?” He didn’t know why he asked, as a stranger on the road didn’t really matter all that much, but as Steve looked up he squinted and then looked back at Ben with frown.

“Who’s who?”

(to be continued)

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