Charlie Zelenoff by Karisean on DeviantArt

There’s no way to be fair when talking about Charlie since he didn’t know what fair was and honestly he didn’t care. This was a guy that went out to fight people to make himself feel better and ended up doing just that when he could sucker punch unsuspecting individuals who thought that he was inviting them into a friendly match. A lot of times Charlie found himself on the receiving end of a beat down that he’d started, and in some cases he managed to worm his way out of a beating while still having the balls to state that he’d won, keeping well away from his opponent at the same time. Some folks just watched him raise his hands and walk away in his mock victory, gladly escaping the bubble of delusion that Charlie continued to live in and that his wife for one reason or another continued to support.

It was when Charlie met an actual MMA practitioner by the nickname of Killah T that he might have gone a little too far, since Killah T decided to go just as far at one point and continued to dog Charlie for weeks on end until finally Charlie’s parents had to file a restraining order on the fighter. Each time Killah T came around he’d be willing and ready to fight, and on a couple of occasions he did just that, taking Charlie to the ground with ease before backing off, laughing at how simple it was. Every time Killah would have a friend with him, there to comment on what pussy Charlie was for running, what a coward he was for talking shit, and what a fool he was for thinking that he’d won after Killah let him up. That was Charlie’s delusion though, and it was what he lived with.

Of course it wasn’t bound to last….

(to be concluded)

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