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How long ago had it been? One hundred years? One thousand? He couldn’t tell any longer. Oh that was a lie, he could tell just fine, but he didn’t want to. Ever since he’d brushed up against the trickster god Anansi he’d been in this place, stuck here for the duration every time someone transitioned, forced to walk the old path that existed for every deity that had ever been, every one of them that had ever drawn breath in the mortal realm and been counted as a god among their kind. The truth that humans felt but didn’t fully understand was that all the gods existed, not just the one that the single-minded thought ruled the heavens and the earth beneath. Hell, the earth wasn’t even beneath the heavens as one was meant to believe when they were human, and hell, whichever one was fashioned for each individual, wasn’t anything but a personal place designed for every damned soul that was headed its way.

“It’s gwan t’be a fine day eh?”

Baron Samedi, one whom many would call a lord of the dead, grinned at him as he puffed at one of many cigars he’d likely be smoking this day. His ragged top hat was in place as always and his skull paint was just as on point as ever.

“Gotta wonder who’s goin’ t’be takin’ up dis time,” he replied, the drawl in his own voice having come with the power and the ability to spin a tale at the drop of a hat. He’d known of the existence of Anansi, and Baron Samedi, and Hela, Death, Kali, and many, many others he’d come to know in this place over the years, but until this life he’d known very little about them. One thing he knew now, there wasn’t a one among them that didn’t serve a purpose or would shy away from the chance to transition out if they were allowed.

“Maybe you?” Samedi chuckled, “Maybe you gwan make history an’ be the shortest timer here?”

He smiled in reply, “I doubt dat, I certainly do. B’sides, I’ve grown to like it here. It’s peaceful, unlike out there,” he said, inclining his head towards a spot in the forest, beyond the forest.

“Ah gwan now,” Samedi said, puffing at his cigar, “Always a chance… Come, it’s time t’see who done come upon dese woods dis time.”

He nodded, leaning against a moss-coated tree as he could sense the presence of a human making their way along the old path, accompanied by a few gods and goddesses they didn’t recognize, or didn’t know were there, most likely. Grinning to himself, Anansi sauntered after Baron Samedi, smoothing out the lapels of his suit coat as he did.

“Irie,” he said to himself, “It’s time for another story….”

The End

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