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You see, Charlie didn’t know how to deal with defeat. Either his mommy and daddy didn’t teach him how to roll with the punches when life got hard, or he simply didn’t want to listen. His wife certainly didn’t tell him different, but a lot of people have wondered what she saw in the guy in the first place since he’s not much of a fighter and even less of a human being. It’s been a big hope for a lot of people that Charlie might be acting the fool for his YouTube channel all this time, but too many folks have come forward to state that this is just the way he is, take him or leave him.

Well, poor old Eugene likely would have enjoyed leaving things the way they were, but since Charlie came to get his belt back after one of Eugene’s next fights, a fight that ended in a draw of all things, it was made obvious that loss just isn’t in Charlie’s vocabulary. Unfortunately for Charlie it’s a word that keeps getting pounded into his skull every time he decides to act the fool, as he did with Eugene. Catching Eugene in the dressing room after a fight, Charlie asked for his belt back, he demanded his belt back, he even threatened what might happen if he didn’t get his belt back. Know what happened?

Eugene laughed at him. Then Eugene’s trainer and entourage laughed at him. They were still laughing when Charlie swung a wild haymaker that managed to hit Eugene in the side of the face, which had the immediate effect of getting his attention, even if it didn’t do much more than leave a mild bruise over his left eye. Charlie was escorted, forcibly, from the dressing room, while Eugene and his people continued to laugh. To their credit though they didn’t go after Charlie, and as Eugene would say later to someone that asked “It’s pitiful man, he hit me as hard as he could and I’m still standing. Dude needs to give MMA, maybe take up knitting or some shit.”

Oh yeah, Charlie got wind of that, and he even challenged Eugene to another fight. At that point however Eugene was lucky enough to get picked up by a small-time MMA promotion where he found reasonable success, while poor Charlie lost his belt and even more respect, what little there was, as he kept dogging anyone that would listen about a fight. Eventually found a string of fights that made him at least a little famous on YouTube at the cost of his dignity, which to many had a very low asking price.

(to be continued)

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