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“How far are we going?” he asked. They’d left the woman named Morri far behind by now, and had seen no one else for what felt like miles. Yet he wasn’t tired, only weary, as though he’d been awake for days.

“Time works differently here, kind of like you’ve probably heard in the movies,” the being chuckled, “Of course those works get some things right and then butcher the rest. All that noise about me carrying a scythe of all things all the time. Do you have any idea how cumbersome that thing can be?”

The moss-coated woods continued roll by as the old path that had been well worn, as he could see from the rut he was now walking in, meandered this way and that among the trees. As he walked the smells that reached his nostrils varied as he could smell a whiff of sulfur one moment and something akin to clear, cool running water in the next. He did his best not to think, not to imagine just where he might end up, especially since he had a fairly good idea of which way the scales might tip.

“Oh come on now,” the figure said, “You’ve been here longer than many and you haven’t found yourself falling into a pit yet. Some folks wouldn’t mind walking this trail for so long. It means that upper management is having a tough time solving your particular case. It’s not unheard of, but it happens.”

“Could you stop doing that please?” he said, closing his eyes for just a moment.

“What, reading your thoughts? Sorry, but you might as well have a megaphone stuck inside your brain that’s broadcasting everything. To be fair though, this place has a way of amplifying just about everything that’s not buried deep enough to stay hidden.”

A sudden commotion from ahead caught his attention as roughly a hundred yards up the trail he could see several figures on either side of the rut, those on the left somehow glowing as they were back-lit by a strange, hazy light, while those on the right appeared to be standing in shadow. Both sides were bickering back and forth, trading venomous banter from the way they were gesturing and making threatening moves, but he couldn’t understand a bit of it from this distance.

“Well I’ll be,” the figure said as they kept walking, “This hasn’t happened in a while. I didn’t think it’d happen so soon.”

“What?” he asked, having not a clue as to what was going on.

The figure chuckled, “It would appear that you’re going to be transitioned.”

He was struck speechless, but the figure had something to mutter at least.

“That would explain the wait at least….”

(to be continued)

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