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I could tell you of the time that Charlie decided to start posting online the record of his fights and taking it upon himself to visit various gyms where he would invite different people to ‘friendly’ sparring matches. Some people of course said no since they didn’t want to fight, some might have seen the wild look in Charlie’s eyes and figured it was better to not get into it, but there were plenty that said yes, much to their chagrin. To his credit Charlie always had a camera person with him, someone with a phone camera to document his ‘greatness’ and ‘technique’ which consisted of trying to take a person’s legs out from beneath them before delivering a ground and pound offense that most ten-year old kids could squirm out of. But Charlie tried, he certainly did.

During several instances Charlie would attempt to get the upper hand the moment that the other person put their gloves on, attacking before the other person could get set. If anyone complained Charlie’s normal reaction was “there’s no ref”, to which most people would admit, there wasn’t. If Charlie was successful, which he never was, he might have had a chance to get someone down and start pummeling them, but the truth is that Charlie’s attempt a double-leg takedown was always pretty easy to see coming and avoid. During one sparring match however the sparring partner managed to get their right knee in the prime spot to strike Charlie right in the nose, knocking him down and dazing him for several moments.

Many guys might have taken the time to make sure their nose wasn’t broken, right? Charlie’s first response was “You lose, that’s illegal contact.”

Illegal contact, in a non-sanctioned fight with no referee….

Yep, that’s the way Charlie fought. The moment he could take advantage he would, but the second that his opponent could fight back, Charlie ran, gave up, or made an excuse. What’s ironic is that during one of his many long and interminable vlogs, that’s video logs for those of you that didn’t know what a vlog was. Now you do, right? Anyway, Charlie swore, he promised, and he put it on his grandma’s grave that he would never quit, run, or make excuses. It might be a little vulgar, but it’s a good thing that Charlie’s grandma is still alive, otherwise she might be spinning in her grave right about now.

Oh, but it gets better, since Charlie’s foray into the MMA did take an upswing at one point…..kind of….

(to be continued)

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