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There was a sharp intake of air as he glanced forward and saw a very pale, androgynous-looking character step onto the path, his eyes appearing hollow for a moment as he, it could only be a man now that he looked closer, wagged a single, slim finger at him.

“It’s not wise to be tempting the opposition when you’re so close to their border,” he admonished, “I can get it from here ladies, thank you kindly.”

“Better you than us,” the Indian woman stated with a smile, “Take care along the path though, there are many temptations yet to be had.”

With that being said the two women could be heard walking away as the chill that he’d felt lessened only slightly as the figure now in front of him grinned, a tooth-filled gesture that looked vaguely disturbing.

“You know, she wasn’t talking to me just then,” he said with a chuckle, “Kali is a lot of things, but she’s not known to mumble or give bad advice, at least not to those that listen.”

“What,” he asked, licking his lips, “What is this place?”

The figure glanced around, up, down, and then back at him, shrugging his shoulders, “It looks like a forest to me, with a path leading straight thus far and a lot of voices chiming in along the way with more to come as my dear friend has already stated.”

His throat felt parched, and yet he didn’t feel as though he needed a drink. He felt exhausted, but he wasn’t ready to stop at the moment.

“It’s a strange transition for a lot of you when it happens, and your mind usually ends up taking over whether you want it to or not. Something tells me this is a memory of some sort from your past, or if not yours then a hereditary memory that someone in your line once made.”


“So many questions I know,” the figure said, shaking his head, or her head he could no longer tell, “But trust in one thing, you’ll know enough by the time we get to where you’re going.”

“And where is that?”

“That’s a good question,” the figure said, nodding its head upon turning around, “Now let’s head off shall we?”

Once again his feet and legs started moving without his express command, and it was all he could do not to scream.

“Oh please don’t,” the figure said ahead of him, “It won’t do a lick of good and really, why waste your breath? Just enjoy the moments as they come.”

Funnily enough, he couldn’t help but agree.

(to be continued)


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