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“You should start walking,” the woman said, remaining behind him as the temperature around him felt as though it could lower or rise at any moment. “Your path has been ready for some time, and it’s time to walk it.”

“Who were they?” he said, feeling his feet beginning to move despite not remembering even thinking of moving from where he was.

“Bidders,” the woman said, staying behind him still as he began to walk, his feet apparently finding a trail all on their own that wound its way through the towering trees, carrying him forward as he tried to look back but could not. He couldn’t even move his neck he found in the next second, as though he was being held forcefully forward.

“What do you mean?”

She sighed then, the sound bringing to mind a gentle breeze dusting the tops of headstones as he kept moving, “So many questions. You lot never cease to amaze me when it comes time, especially when you think you know so much while stuck in that meat sack of a body of yours.”

“Now wait a-“

“Well now, what have you found this time o’ mistress of the underworld?”

A form stepped out from behind one of the trees ahead of him, and it was all he could do not to scream at the six-armed vision as glowing yellow eyes regarded him with a certain gleam that belied the intent of the items the being held. In the next breath however the six-armed giant had become a diminutive, dark-skinned woman with jet black hair bound in a long tail and a face lined and smooth despite her obvious age.

“Another one that might have been taken a bit prematurely,” the woman behind him said with a grunt, “Methinks the sisters are slipping a bit with the cords these days.”

“Well,” the figure said with an obvious Indian accent, “It has been some time after all, and as you know, these ones seem intent on testing the mettle of the sisters, and their servant.”

“I know you don’t mean me,” said another voice, seeming to sigh through the woods as yet another figure stepped out, grinning madly as he felt like screaming again.

Where the hell was he?

(to be continued)

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