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So many people have been caught up talking about bullying online that many forget that there is a way to guard against it or possibly avoid it. Teach your children to walk away, to fight back, to refuse to be victims. They’ll take their lumps occasionally against bullies that won’t stop, but they’ll make it clear that they won’t back down, that they won’t be intimidated, and that they will not be the convenient victim. Walking away usually doesn’t work, and trying to psychoanalyze the bully can backfire in a big way, but standing up is usually a sign to the bully that your kid is no longer an easy target. The choice is kind of simple, despite the fact that a lot of parents will promote non-violence as a means of ‘stopping the cycle’.

Like it or not folks, bullying is bound to stick around as we do not live in utopia where everyone plays nice. Choosing to arm your child with the knowledge of how to fight back when necessary, without becoming the bully, is better than putting their misery on social media for everyone to see, where the bullying only grows exponentially no matter how much ‘support’ they might receive.

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Worse still is the fabricated victimhood that convinces people that some individuals are worthless while their ‘victims’ are paragons of virtue, and are to be held up as treasured heroes for justice when in truth the matters that they brought to the attention of a nation could have easily been solved in a quiet and very personal manner that would not open them to further bullying that they might have easily avoided had they decided to stand for the actual justice they desire.

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Normally, many people don’t care enough to really bully others, but the moment a person wants to play the victim without any proof of what’s been done to them, they’ve effectively opened the door to scrutiny, which, unless their claim is backed up by solid facts and evidence that condemns their ‘bully’ is bound to lead them straight into more ridicule and actual bullying that they were attempting to fight against. In other words, playing the victim card is hypocrisy of the sort that far too many people have attempted throughout history, particularly in recent years.

Don’t be a victim, stand up for yourself, it might not always work, but it’s better than crying foul to a world that doesn’t really care.

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