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It’s a pretty good description really of how thing are shaping up when it comes to the next election since all over social media the idea is that Democrats tend to think that “Trump’s bad, he’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s this, he’s that, he’s anything we need to make up on the spot”. Obviously the guy isn’t much of a prize but when one steps back past the ego cloud that’s been flying thick and heavy throughout D.C. it’s easier to see that continual name-calling, insults, and just plain rude behavior that takes place on both sides is kind of childish. Now there’s a call to “vote blue, no matter who”, that’s kind of scary really since it means just vote for a Democrat no matter what their policy is.

Many might fool themselves into thinking that they’re going with the lesser evil since not a single Democrat on the stage at this point has kept their full composure throughout an entire debate, but in truth, voting blue isn’t the problem, it’s the idea of voting for just anyone so long as they’re not Trump that becomes the issue. If a cow were to run as a Democrat it’s likely that the blue wave would support them at this point, as the dartboard method for picking out the Democratic candidate to run against Trump is at this time the only method that some might prefer as to the actual voting that’s to take place.

Vote, but vote for more than just to unseat Trump. Vote because it matters one way or the other.

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