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So many people want to harp on and on about parents being ‘mean’ to their children, but few of them seem to understand that barricading them from disappointment and the rougher edges of life will come to do more harm in the end than a smack on the butt, not abuse, could ever do just to correct their behavior.

Welcome to the participation trophy fallout, in which children of this day and age are being allowed to morph into disrespectful monsters that believe they’re entitled to success because someone didn’t tell them that failure is indeed a part of life. You want your kid to win, to learn how to handle a failure in their life? Let them fall, let them land on their face a time or two, or ten, or twenty, however long it takes for them to get the message: Life is not going to hold your hand and LET you win. You want it? Get out there and earn it. There are no participation trophies for simply getting by.


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