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Anyone ever notice this? People all around the world will praise others and even follow those they idolize when they do something great. It’s natural, it’s easy to see why, and it’s something that many upon many people do. But the moment they find someone whose work they don’t care for and don’t like and possibly loathe, the chance to pass it by as something they don’t want to see versus the chance to bash that individual or group becomes no choice at all since the negative aspect of many people comes boiling to the surface in a rush, sometimes without warning.

I’ve done it too, so without hypocrisy I’ll state that it’s very easy if you’re that invested in something or someone. But as time has passed and something odd called ‘maturity’ has settled in, the negative aspects of one’s personality tend to fade and dull in some people as they realize that they don’t have to waste the energy being negative by vilifying anything or anyone that doesn’t agree with their point of view. Some would call this maturity and some would simply say that they’ve learned how to let things go that don’t mean all that much. People can enjoy things and let the comments or opinions they don’t like slide on by and not affect them in the least.

That’s until people hit social media, which is almost like a drug that, much like alcohol, allows some folks to lose their inhibitions, largely because they’re far enough away from the people they talk about and don’t have any possible consequences to suffer. That’s all well and good, it’s their prerogative and all that, but in retrospect it says a lot more about the character of a person that will try to tear someone that voices their opinion apart than those that will gladly just pass on by if the opinion in question doesn’t mean that much to them. See how that works?

You don’t have to be negative to make your point that you don’t like something. Just don’t read, watch, or pay attention to it, that speaks even louder than words.


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