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Watching the ambulance take her away was more difficult than he’d thought, but it meant that things were progressing the way they needed to. It was regrettable that it had come to this, but her husband had given them no choice but take some kind of action. It was terrible sometimes the things that had to be done in order to settle a debt, and every now and again itw as truly horrible to think that someone had take it this far.

“Are we following?”

His sidekick, a little piece of nothing that he’d been saddled with by the Outfit named Percy, had started riding with him just that week and despite his reputed skill with demolitions and wet work he’d found the younger man a little too overzealous at times for his own good. This current mess for instance, it was a bit sloppy, more than had been needed to get the job done and definitely more than was needed to bring this two-story home down.

“No,” he replied, “The job was to send a message and we did that. Anything else is beyond our current job.”

“That sucker went up like a Roman candle didn’t it?”

He wanted to belt Percy in the mouth as he snickered, but he didn’t. Two men getting into a scrum near the scene of a crime such as this wouldn’t look good and it would definitely alert the cops that were nearby. The trick right now was to look as shocked as everyone else and just go with the flow.

“Did everyone get taken beforehand?” he asked, not bothering to look away for the moment. The inside of the house was a cratered mess, in fact it looked as though the remaining walls might go at any moment. But one thing he couldn’t see were body parts, and that was a plus. There was no red to be seen splattered all over the walls and no limbs that were strewn about. That meant it was a decent day at this point, except for the one blunder.

“Everyone but her,” Percy said with the same snicker.

Goddammit he wanted to hit the man.

(to be continued)


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