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A flash, a concussive blast that she felt through the soles of her feet all the way to her forehead, and the sudden sensation of falling were all she recalled. What existed now was noise, commotion, confusion, and pain. There was plenty of the latter, it radiated from every nerve out to every extremity, throbbing in a way that was in time to her heartbeat, slow and painful. Her body felt as though it had been hollowed out and filled with Jello, her limbs wouldn’t work and everything she tried to do simply failed. Lying there looking up at a sky that should have been visible from a different angle only confused her further as she closed her eyes, trying to move her head.

Something wouldn’t let her though, and as she opened them once more she was only dimly aware of hands on either side her face, keeping her head immobile in a gentle but firm embrace. She couldn’t move much anyway, and as she looked down, or up, depending on how one saw it, she could see a smoldering ruin where her second-floor office had once been, a gaping hole existing in the middle of what had only seconds ago (or was it longer?) been her home.


Her husband, her children, where were they?

“Do we risk moving her?”

“We don’t have much of a choice. If we don’t she’ll bleed out here.”

What were they talking about? Who were they?

As though telling her that such things were unimportant at the moment her body simply gave out, and darkness took her for the second time that day.

(to be continued)


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