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It’s easy to do a lot of things and difficult to do many. It’s easier to simply lie, cheat and steal while working hard and living an honest life is hard and quite taxing sometimes. A lot of people justify the latter by saying that it’s better in the long run since a life a of cheating, stealing, and lying is bound to catch up with a person and make them pay for the things they’ve done in a big way. Some might believe all that, while some won’t since the glaring examples of how liars and thieves get away at times kind of puts the lie to that idea.

It’s also easy to retaliate against people for any number of reasons whether it’s a real or imagined slight, while hard is simply letting it go and moving on with your life. Now depending on the slight it might be that action need to be taken, but moving on will still be difficult. It’s almost always harder to just move on from anything, but in the end it does allow you to open your eyes to a world that might be closed off if you seek to pursue the more negative aspects that could end up ruling your life. In short, taking the harder path yields greater results for those that want to move on and forget the negativity that life tends to come with at times.

It’s not possible to always be positive, but moving forward and learning the hard lessons in life instead of taking the easy way out all the time does offer a much better chance of being completely happy.


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